Biotechnology Review Letters is interested in the best research from across the field of Biotechnology; our broad scope ensures that work published reaches the widest possible audience. All editorial decisions are made by a team of full-time professional editors.


Current Issue

Vol. 1 No. 1 (2020)

Published: 2021-01-28


Microbial Decomposition

Ran Berger, David Dickson


Homeomorphisms of Fungal Metabolites

Ran Berger, Martin Bennett, Michael Weber


Radioresistance of the Gene Copy Index

Luke Luffman, Roland Weiss, Alex Coleman


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Biotechnology Review Letters is unique in drawing together a wide readership of scientists and engineers from the many disciplines of the applied biosciences. As in the successful biotechnology companies and leading academic research groups, Trends in Biotechnology reflects the view that biotechnology is the integrated use of many biological technologies – from molecular genetics to biochemical engineering. This integration is essential for the effective translation of novel research into application. The journal addresses what is new, significant and practicable.

Biotechnology Review Letters publishes reviews and perspectives on the applied biological sciences: useful science applied to, derived from, or inspired by living systems.

The major themes that BRL is interested in include

  • Bioprocessing (biochemical engineering, applied enzymology, industrial biotechnology, biofuels, metabolic engineering)
  • Omics (genome editing, single-cell technologies, bioinformatics, synthetic biology)
  • Materials and devices (bionanotechnology, biomaterials, diagnostics/imaging/detection, soft robotics, biosensors/bioelectronics)
  • Therapeutics (biofabrication, stem cells, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, antibodies and other protein drugs, drug delivery)
  • Agroenvironment (environmental engineering, bioremediation, genetically modified crops, sustainable development)

We particularly seek articles that are relevant to more than one of these themes. Additionally, we welcome articles on law and intellectual property, policy and regulation, bioethics, scientific communication, and the economics of biotechnology.

Reviews of mechanistic or phenomenological biology are generally not within BRL's scope, although we do consider reviews of technologies developed from basic biology as long as there's an application in mind.

BRL has a diverse audience that reflects its intentionally broad scope. Our readers include not only biologists but also engineers, chemists, pharmacologists, computer scientists, and physicians, and they work in academic, clinical, industrial, NGO, and governmental settings. Therefore, we emphasize accessible articles that are easy to read, and we encourage authors to keep in mind that many readers may not be familiar with their field's specific terminology.